Established in 1982, Atlantic-Models has been building beautiful airplane models for customers around the globe.  Our family of craftsmen take pride in the models we produce, and know that you will be proud to present them to your clients, or display them yourself.

Each model is started only when you order it, so order yours today!





Here, Zoraya puts body putty on a model just out of the mold. 

Each aircraft model begins with YOU.  It's built-to-order only when you order it.  We pour, assemble, putty, prime paint, mask for paint - usually more than once - decal, clean/touch-up, and clear coat.  

If new artwork is needed, we'll start that when the plane is scheduled for pouring, so it's important to have all the relevant info when you place your order.




Atlantic Models is comprised of 15 aviation enthusiasts who take great pleasure in warming a heart, putting a smile on your face, bringing back a memory, and yes even bringing tears to your eyes. We produce high quality models for all occasions.

Based in Miami Florida, all design and manufacturing is done in house. We are not 51% American made, we are 100% American made.




                                                                                       Miller Galvez with a Braniff Connie   


 Whether you're an airline, leasing company, MRO, FBO or charter service company, Atlantic Models is dedicated to serving your needs.  We work closely with the many facets of the Aviation Industry and are confident we find a personalized solution for your company. 

Whether providing Direct-Order space on our website for pilots and employees to get models, or for delivering appreciation gifts to your own clients, we make it happen.

WE REPAINT AND REFURBISH LOBBY MODELS -  New President changing the paint scheme?  Don't retire your old lobby models to a dusty warehouse, repaint them!